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How to Set up Email Account in Client Software?

by HP Support

Posted by HP Support on Oct 21, 2016

In order to send and receive the emails quickly, you need to configure it somewhere. For this purpose, email client software is the best pick. It is automatically refreshed all the time. You do not need to reload the page. You can manage many accounts under this umbrella. HP Support instructs you how to configure and manage email user accounts.

We, the third party service provider, offer you our paid telephonic support to configure your email account in the client software. All you have to do is to dial HP Support Number 1-800-952-985 . We are always here to take your queries and entertain it quickly. We are potentially strong enough to resolve any issue. Our services are cost effective. We instruct you in steps. Steps are simple and designed by experienced software engineers. We are dedicated and committed to help you.

  • Step 1- Sign in to your user email account.
  • Step 2- Open the settings. Enable IMAP access from “Forwarding” tool.
  • Step 3- Go to your client software. Open“Tools” and add your account. Give username and password of the user account.
  • Step 4- For the purpose of multiple user accounts configuration, add multiple accounts.
  • Step 5- Select the “Mail” from drop down menu. Choose the kind of mail like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
  • Step 6- In order to give server information, select IMAP for the Account Type box.
  • Step 7- Write your username and password correctly.
  • Step 8- Give the “Incoming Mail Server” and “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)” as same.
  • Step 9- You only have to write ’mail’ a period and your mail handle. For example, for a Gmail user, it is like Your email account is now accessible from your client software.
  • Step 10- Select “More options and settings”, click on Use incoming server info for authentication. This step is not that mandatory but it keeps your client software to run smoothly.

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