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How To Get Rid Of Slow Performance Of Computer System?

by HP Support

Posted by HP Support on Oct 01, 2016

No other thing is as important as time. Everybody is in haste. You cannot tolerate slow operation of HP computers. When HP system gets heated, it acts slowly. When system collects so many temporary files that minimize the memory space, system is messed with poor operation. Installation of unnecessary software and programs reduces the RAM capacity. These things lead to slow performance or to the unresponsive stage. HP customer Support Australia helps you to get success over these cases.

We are a unique team. We never share any bonds with other clients. We provide paid telephonic support to our customers. Our services are easily accessible round the clock and in your budget. You can sort out just by dialing HP support phone number Australia 1-800-952-985 . Our dedicated professionals sort out all your issues. We have structured few easy steps that take you to the fruitful results. We are dedicated to resolve your issues. We welcome your queries and we are always happy to help you.

  • Step 1-Scan the entire system from any updated antivirus.
  • Step 2- Delete all the junk files.
  • Step 3- Free some apace on hard drive.
  • Step 4- Get rid of unwanted application and software.
  • Step 5- Delete games and unwanted media files. It will create some space on your hard disk and RAM.
  • Step 6- Be free from spywares. Download anti spyware and install it. It will remove spyware from the system.
  • Step 7- Collect broken files. This is the very important way to boost the system performance. You need to defragment the disk. Disk defragmentation is the correction of disorganized computer files.
  • Step 8- Clear RAM. RAM stores running information. If it is already crowded, intermediate information saves into hard disk. It is considered to take time. After clearing RAM if problem still pertains, follow next step.
  • Step 9- Increase the capacity of RAM.

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