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Troubleshoot Internet, Wifi and Connectivity Issues on Your HP PC

by HP Support

Posted by HP Support on Sep 19, 2016

Internet is the basic need these days. It simplifies the complexity of communication, banking, shopping and many more. You can go for internet on HP laptops, PC and desktops. You may meet several technical errors while browsing internet. This is the most frustrating moment for a net user, when that user fails to access internet. Life without internet is not possible nowadays. Internet issues take place due to faulty networking hardware or networking configuration. HP Support helps you in resolving your network issues.

We are an independent service source letting you to regain access of Internet. Let us help you when you meet any internet issues. Just talk to us by dialing HP helpline Number Australia 1-800-952-985 . Our cost effective telephonic support is always available round for you. Our experts guide you through step by step instructions. Steps are simple and can be comfortably understood.

  • Step 1- Restart your computer.
  • Step 2- Search different website or links. It may be that the site you are looking for is down for a while.
  • Step 3- Use other browser. Issues may be with the one of your browser.
  • Step 4- Reset your networking components. Pull out every connection and reinsert later.
  • Step 5- Search any site to test the connectivity. If the problem is still there, go forward to next steps.
  • Step 6- Provide proper IPs and further details. Configure the entire setting properly.
  • Step 7- Connect to the modem and try again.
  • Step 8- Turn off the network connections.
  • Step 9- Amplify and modulate the network signals. Strong network signal is key to nice internet.
  • Step 10- Reset your router and modem setting. If it does not work get service to it.
  • Step 11- Scan your system. If still problem occurs, get your system serviced.

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