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How to Remove Virus from HP PC or Laptop?

by HP Support

Posted by HP Support on August 28, 2016

HP computer systems suffer from heating issues. Virus adds some more amount of heat to this case. Heating is so dangerous for the computer system that it can damage hardware parts as well. Virus disturbs the BIOS settings, alters the file permissions, reduces the memory capacity and deregulates system performance. If it is not resolved immediately, it can definitely harm the system components for lifetime. Be it PC, laptop or desktop, HP Support Australia helps you to keep your system preserved from virus.

We are a third party service team, offering you full discretion to utilize our support services by paying just reasonable charges. You can reach out us simply by dialing HP Technical Support Number 1-800-952-985 . Our helpline numbers are never engaged. It remains available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are a team of experienced computer engineers and certified technicians. We instruct you step by step that you need to go through. We dedicate our services to resolve all your system issues. We avail steps in the simplest possible ways. We greet your questions to address unique and simple solution.

  • Step 1- Download and install a latest antivirus program on your system.
  • Step 2- Turn on automatic updating setup.
  • Step 3- To access internet, use “Firefox” and “Google Chrome”. It minimizes the risk of virus attack.
  • Step 4- Do not open doubtful emails from unknown sources. It may contain severe virus.
  • Step 5- Enable Microsoft security features.
  • Step 6- Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. It removes nearly 80% of virus.
  • Step 7- Do not open pop-up windows while accessing internet.
  • Step 8-Do not use infected disks or USB drives. Scan it by the latest updated antivirus.
  • Step 9-Refrain from sites which offer illegal software, music, movies and games.

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